Stabilix designs and develops a full spectrum of eBusiness, mobile and web-based business solutions. Our domain focus includes Healthcare, Insurance and Information Services.

We are a total solution provider using latest and advanced technology. We bring a powerful combination of industry experience, state-of-the-art technology to our client base. We work in tandem with our clients to provide  an appropriate solution for their business along with  integrating all Key Process Areas of the development cycle to assure consistent quality, delivery and customer satisfaction. It is our long-term, trusted client relationships that truly set us apart from the competition.

As a SEI-CMM Level 5 Company, our project teams consist of professionals possessing extraordinary skill sets. Specialists like experienced IT managers, insurance executives, clinicians, medical technologists and information systems professionals, with an average of 14 years of individual experience, work together to create superior quality solutions which fit your budget and your business.

Offshore Development - The Benefits and Advantages

Whether you have experience with an offshore developer or this is your first engagement, you will find that Stabilix provides the highest quality work, with the highest performance standards to give you optimal solutions for your IT needs.

Our Facilities

Our facilities in India produce the highest quality work quickly and reliably. Our SEI CMM Level 5 development center in India follows the most advanced quality process standards. Their outstanding development teams, coupled with a flexible source of highly skilled IT workers, can help reduce development time to speed your firm's time to market while realizing significant cost savings.

Ensuring Business Effectiveness

Stabilix can provide a thorough assessment of your applications or development projects to determine suitability for offshore services. We will help you identify those offshore projects that will deliver the highest quality with the most savings, while furthering the business goals of your organization.

Strategy, Methodology and Quality

We will provide a detailed proposal for your work and develop a careful strategy for execution. Our proven methodology includes a detailed transition plan and a thorough communication plan that ensure quality work, timely delivery, continuous monitoring and frequent status reporting. Following proven methodology and the best practices of the industry ensures thorough requirements definition, scope control and the highest quality of deliverables.

Local Interface and Accountability

Typical projects utilize Stabilix consultants for business analysis, high-level architecture, project coordination and any development, testing or implementation resources required locally. We manage communication and coordination with the offshore delivery centers and development teams.

At Stabilix we have extensive experience in the healthcare, insurance and information technology arenas. Our experience includes application development and implementation, management engineering and executive level management.

We offer services to HMOs, PBMs, insurance organizations, hospitals, physicians and clinics. We have developed, installed and maintained a variety of web-based, client server and legacy healthcare applications.

The depth of our talent also extends to:

  • Clinical Systems Migration to the Internet
  • Administrative Systems Migration to the Internet
  • Internet Software Development
  • Interface Design and Development
  • Portal Development
  • Integration of Legacy Applications on the Internet
  • Management Outsourcing Services

Consulting Expertise

Whether you are interested in pursuing new markets, expanding your line of services or seeking a competitive advantage, Stabilix's professionals will leverage the right mix of business expertise, software and technology to help meet your business goals.

Stabilix has defined very structured methodology for object oriented practice and procedure oriented practice. The Stabilix life cycle development process offers many opportunities for the client to review and approve the product at each phase. The client team is most heavily involved in the first phases [requirements definition and use cases, GUI objects and scenario development] and in the final phases [quality assurance, testing and system development phases]. A great deal of attention is paid to graphical design and the graphical user interface. Stabilix has graphic artists, human factors engineers and usability experts who participate in these processes.

Prototypes and alternative renditions are often developed to help the client 'see' the end product and decide among alternatives. Structured walk-through techniques, storyboard and prototype, are used with the client to assure attainment of requirements and end user usability. The software undergoes rigorous unit, integration and volume testing within the development group, and repeat unit and initial integration testing as the deliverables are 'received' by our Internet Producer. Having passed these two testing milestones, the client receives the software, test plans, installation and implementation guides, for acceptance.

Agile Model or Scrum Model

Stabilix has chosen agile methodology for its current active projects as it suits the projects that are currently under development.

Stabilix Scrum

Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

The Capability Maturity Model for Software is a model for judging the maturity of the software processes of an organization. It is also used to identify the key practices that are required to increase the maturity of the software life cycle as well as the organization's processes.


CMM focuses on the capability of software organizations to produce high quality products consistently and predictably.

CMM level is a measure of process compliance reflected in our products and services. We take pride in being assessed as a CMM Level 5 Company. We focus on the Key Process Areas (KPAs) in order to improve quality in every phase of the software development life cycle. We deliver near-zero-defect software through compliance and use of methodologies in adherence to CMM principles.

To learn more about CMM, please visit the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) web site at

Stabilix is characterized by:

  • Profound understanding of healthcare domain business practices
  • Thorough understanding of insurance business processes
  • Extraordinary experience with eBusiness and Internet strategy
  • Vast knowledge of application development
  • Strong leading-edge technology, graphical and human factors expertise
  • Mature CMM-based development environment. Proven Object Oriented life-cycle methodology

Stabilix is a leading edge technology group

However, our foundation represents traditional values and principles:

  • Absolute quality of our services, processes, end-products and personnel resources
  • Unmatched integrity and loyalty in our relationships with our clients, employees, vendors and business partners
  • Heightened responsiveness in providing solutions that meet our client's needs