Stabilix has 25+ years of experience in product design, development and deployment. We designed and developed products in Healthcare, Insurance, Business process automation, and Marketing domains. While architecting the products, we always focused on the major architecture principles of

  • Scalability
  • Extensibility
  • User friendliness
  • Maintainability

Our Approach

  • Detailed market study to identify the product viability, the scope and the core feature
  • Product brainstorming in each phase of the product life cycle
  • Strategical project execution, based on the product behaviour and market demands
  • Process that ensures Quality and Usability and
  • Agile delivery

Health Companion

Health Companion is an engagement network for patients to communicate and collaborate their health information with providers, payers, employers, family, and friends as they see appropriate

This unique consumer-oriented strategy is designed to engage, empower, and inspire people to achieve better health at lower cost. Our members and their families manage all aspects of their healthcare through one simple, integrated tool:

  • A secure long-term Personal Health Record (PHR) for all patient-related Providers
  • Financial Health Management of medical bills, insurance claims, health accounts, etc.
  • Personalized preventive health & wellness tools, social challenges, points, rewards & reminders
  • Personal Health Network for secure communication, collaboration and care coordination

Our cloud-based platform leverages socially adopted communication and marketing strategies to engage patients and promote better health. is hosted in an environment that complies with the HIPAA and HITECH Act security standards surrounding the storage of Protected Health Information (PHI). We, through our hosting partner AWS have deployed all commercially available security measures to securely store and transmit data. Information is encrypted over-the-wire ("in-transit between browser and our servers") as well as in our databases ("at-rest"). We use the strongest encryption level support on the internet today (SSL - 256 bits) partnering with GeoTrust.

Providers, Payers and Employers leverage Health Companion's integrated consumer engagement platform to drive improvements in patient satisfaction, collection of pre-appointment meaningful use data, ability to reach targeted audiences and proactively manage the health of their population.

Population Health Management

Population health management (PHM) is a discipline within the healthcare industry that includes collecting and analysing data on segments of your patient population and managing specific diseases within that population.

Benefits of PHM

  • Detailed market study to identify the product viability, the scope and the core feature
  • Product brainstorming in each phase of the product life cycle
  • Strategical project execution, based on the product behaviour and market demands
  • Process that ensures uncompromise on Quality and Usability
  • Agile Development Methodology

High Level Features of PHM

  • Enables providers to configure the stratification using entities like Demographics, Problems, Medications, BMI, Allergy, Lab results, Smoking History, Family History
  • Allows providers to create as ruleset based on the stratification and could search further on it
  • Provider can initiate health events and patient engagements based on customized rulesets (i.e. weight loss program BMI>25.)
  • Providers could initiate participatory program like free diabetic health checkup.
  • Providers could initiate messaging.
  • Providers could setup appointment request.
  • Providers could initiate campaign.
  • Providers could send appointment reminders.
  • Providers could initiate survey.

CloudEx (BPA Suite)

Stabilix's business process automation (BPA) suite, code named CloudEx is a software development and integration platform based on open system computing standards. Whatever you need, whether it is incremental automation, major overhaul, or enterprise-wide integration, CloudEx can help by making it easy to connect people, information and applications in just the right combination for your business.

CloudEx enables all constituents of an organization to use personalized applications based on roles, contexts, actions, locations, preferences and workflow collaboration needs. The software platform provides a composite infrastructure & application framework with advanced tooling for flexible, SOA-based solutions, as well as scalability required by any size organization.

Core Components

  • Core Web application components for data persistence(using Hibernate) and caching
  • MVC based presentation framework built on top of Struts2
  • Ajax based UI components with built-in security and internationalization support
  • A workflow engine on which event management application module is built
  • An administration console for all Infrastructure features
  • Highly flexible and advanced security API
  • Internationalization and localization API


Smartphone devices are quickly becoming the primary means of accessing online information. Customers increasingly expect online services to be available as smartphone apps downloadable from the app stores. For insurance companies, enabling customer care through various mobile platforms is vital to ensure customer satisfaction and engagement. However managing applications on multiple platforms and multiple devices are increasingly becoming complex and requires a sophisticated mobile technology team.

Why InsMobSuite ?

  • Modular and extensible architecture
  • Out of the box backend services
  • Integration with legacy systems or online services
  • Administration of mobile channels
  • Out of the box reports including analytics
  • Branded and customized native apps
  • Multi-platform mobile support
  • Push notification & messaging features
  • Integration with Customer API to pull the customer details and their preferences
  • Out of the box security and internationalization (with Arabic support)

Underwriting Engine

Stabilix Underwriting Framework is a highly adaptable XML based Java EE compliant software platform built on the Stabilix's business process automation (BPA) suite, code named CloudEx. The Underwriting Framework provides a scalable and configurable solution for defining, capturing and deploying insurance applications over the web. The Framework will also automate the underwriting business process of insurance applications. The tool is designed in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that allows seamless integration with external applications.


  • Provides a graphical designer tool for designing workflow and business processes
  • Provides workflow integration capabilities to interface with any company directory that contains users and other organizational information
  • Provides an administration and monitoring console to inspect and manipulate runtime instances
  • Provides sample implementation
  • Provides a Rules Engine to manage business rules
  • Supports multiple products, version and state specific changes
  • Includes full support for Java EE Web Services and the Service Oriented Architecture
  • Provides a workflow client interface and administrative panel to manage workflow incidents
  • Provides a loosely coupled design - Workflow, Rules Engine and other Framework components are designed so that all are independent of each other

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