At Stabilix, we rise to meet the challenges of various industries that includes new technologies and business models. We design and develop a full spectrum of eBusiness and web-based business solutions.

We design with enthusiasm, flourish on challenges and are quality driven. We provide absolute quality in our professionalism, services, processes, end products and personnel resources. Our long-term, trusted client relationships differentiate us from the competition. Using the latest agile engineering techniques in a focused and disciplined manner, we accelerate software initiatives that enable our customers to transform their businesses with visibility, focus, and agility. We aim to be your reliable IT partner providing innovative solutions, generating value with custom solutions, architecting your online road-map or mobile application platforms while ensuring delivery of the highest quality. We are a CMM Level 5 and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the highest level of certifications for technical competency in Microsoft technologies and Project Management. We being a Microsoft Gold partner and having used the technology for managing our projects, we focus on Project Management Information System Implementation using Microsoft Project Server. Thus providing organizations a single-server platform with end-to-end PPM capabilities to support strategic planning and project execution.

Healthcare Solutions

Stabilix brings together deep healthcare domain knowledge, process expertise and cutting-edge technology skills to help healthcare organizations address some of their most critical business and technology challenges. We work with provider, payer and life sciences organizations. Stabilix focuses on providing an array of technology consulting support across product management, regulatory and product compliance, technology selection, data monetization, and BI/analytics to help clients enhance their technology solutions and clinical data assets.

Our Expertise

AI/ML Solutions

Stabilix has been involved in the research and development of AI/ML solutions in the healthcare domain for the last few years. Our solutions are used by various provider organizations to improve the patient care.

Our Expertise also includes No Code and Low Code solutions in addition to implementations of full-fledge neural networks to extract maximum value from your historic data. Over the years, we have implemented several use cases to take advantage of AI/ML technology solutions for our customers.

Completed applications include
  • Model that predicts whether the patient will show up for the appointment
  • Solution that identifies the follow up appointment for the patient by analyzing the clinical reports through NLP
  • AI enabled chat bot
  • Deepfake AI
  • Solution to detect facial emotions, detect the eye blink rate etc.

Finance & Insurance Solutions

Stabilix has over two decades of Insurance domain expertise. Our CloudEx development platform incorporates a number of Open Source components to form a strategic foundation to your cloud projects. Stabilix Solutions offers customer satisfying professional consulting solutions in insurance sector globally. Our Insurance expertise includes various line of businesses like Motor, Travel , Medical etc.

Our Expertise
  • 26 years in Insurance domain with expertise in multiple GLOB/LOB
  • Expertise in developing multi-lingual supported insurance applications
  • Highly adaptable Underwriting Framework
  • Easy handling of corporate and consumer insurance processing
  • Price management based on rule evaluations

Business Accounting

Equipped with the expertise to build the backend system for commercial accounting units, Stabilix has its business accounting framework that integrates all functionalities that is required for B2B and B2C transactions. This Capsulate framework model is the precise solution for small to medium businesses. The system is plug in and expandable and powered by its analytic rule engine. The system connects and co-ordinates all the units of the commercial unit; production, inventory, store front, shipping and finance. The system is future facing with adaptable budgeting, planning and forecasting.

  • Store Front commerce
  • Organisation and Employee Administration
  • Accounts and Accounting
  • Expenses Management
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Forecasting
  • Ecommerce plug in
  • Customer Management
  • Budgeting
  • Finance Management
  • Planning
  • Expandable ML

Broker Reinsurance Solutions

A middle-east insurance broker wants to automate their insurance processing. Business team wanted to automate the business rules which are changing very frequently without the help of technical team involvement. We have been working closely with numerous individual brokers for many years to streamline and enhance their insurance software solutions.

Our Features
  • Connectivity to Legacy applications
  • Modify the business rules without the technical team involvement
  • Create new pages without the help from technical team
  • Integrated workflow to control the business processing
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Generate technical accounts for premiums, claims, and commissions
  • End-to-end management of reinsurance processes with built-in automation rules

Biometric Solutions

Stabilix works along with a prestigious partner in deploying biometric identity and election management technology throughout the world. Stabilix supports in developing client interfacing applications for capturing biometric and biographic information and related data. The system provides

  • New identity registrations - By capturing Biographic and biometric information, face capture, signature, trauma, and documents
  • Card Management - Reading and Writing to cards
  • Identity verification - Verification by biographic details, verification by biometrics, NFC card reading and barcode reading
  • Electronic transmission of captured data

Manufacturing Solutions

Stabilix has expertise in building manufacturing solutions that integrates the complete order management system with a flavour of inventory system. With its capsulized structure, the system provides, the apt solution for small to medium businesses. The system is expandable and is equipped with powerful EDI order management, automatic SKU generator and barcode generator that also facilitates the complete business need of huge productions from orders to ledgers.

  • Customer Creation and Management
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Creation
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Creation (Order, Back Order , Service order)
  • Work Ticket Creation (Automatic and Manual)
  • Package Slips Creation
  • Shipping Box Distribution

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